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Xemoto is an easy-to-use platform that attracts retail investors with digital marketing and shapes market sentiment through financial influencers in social media investing and trading groups. It is an innovative news dissemination technology that connects active retail investors with investment opportunities normally only known to a few.

Who are Retail Investors?
Retail investors, or individual investors, are non-professional investors that buy and sell securities for their own accounts to achieve their personal financial goals.

Why Engage
Retail Investors?

Individual investors now account for ~20% of stock-market activity and almost 1/4 of trades.

–Joseph Mecane, Head of Execution Services,
Citadel Securities

29% of public companies have experienced an increase in retail shareholders during the last 12 months.

–IR Magazine

TSX retail investor total equity participation rose from 35% in 2020 to 45% in January 2021.

–John McKenzie, CEO, TMX
Why Xemoto?

Why Xemoto?

All-in-one easy-to-use solution

Direct access and full-control of your digital campaigns

Share content where others don’t, with a curated network of 200+ trending “Finfluencers”

Data-driven insights to optimize successful campaigns

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Alicia Ford

Manager, Business Development,
Belcarra Group Management Ltd

"Xemoto is an important tool for companies to use in their investor relations strategy, especially to reach a diverse retail shareholder base. The platform is seamless to use and the Xemoto team is great to work with, quickly responding to any questions. We are thrilled with our results from the Xemoto Spectrum product."
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Richard Heft

President, Ext. Marketing

"Spectrum by Xemoto has been an amazing tool when helping our clients increase their retail investor engagement, and our clients have seen some impressive results when leveraging this platform and the unlimited power of its financial influencer network."
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Are you an
Issuer or Agency?

Are you an
Issuer or Agency?

Xemoto’s all-in-one dashboard allows issuers, investor relations and public relations professionals to easily add digital strategies to their offering. Run campaigns on behalf of your clients, or your company, to amplify your reach to an untapped investor audience

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Are you a

Are you a

‘Finfluencer’ n. /ˈfinflo͝oənsər/
An owner of a financially minded social media channel with more than 1000 followers signed up on the Xemoto proprietary network.

Join our growing network of 200+ ‘Finfluencers’ monetizing their channels by sharing financial news and content with their community.

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