Transforming the
Investor Ecosystem

Xemoto’s proprietary client solutions advance how publicly-traded and pre-IPO companies can access interested, qualified retail investors on an unprecedented scale.

By simplifying retail investor marketing and facilitating engagement with financial influencers Xemoto is improving the exchange of credible information to provide greater financial opportunity for pre-IPO and publicly-traded organizations and retail investors.  

Meet The Team!

  • Virginia Brailey

    Virginia Brailey


    Virginia loves helping Xemoto reach new heights just as much as she loves flying in helicopters, balloons, and gliders.
  • Stephen Feldman

    Stephen Feldman

    Product Director

    If Stephen isn’t managing the development and product teams, you can find him playing with his 4-year old Aussie, Gizmo.
  • Filip Bidzinski

    Filip Bidzinski

    Director, Sales

    Filip will find the right solutions for customers, now if he could only find his keys.
  • Vanessa Peeters-Garro

    Vanessa Peeters-Garro

    Director, Customer Success & Partnerships

    Vanessa loves creating great customer journeys, while also planning her own around the world.


    Manager, Business Development & Sales

    Dan is your man for all Xemoto sales enquires including demos, partnerships, or questions about the product.
  • Zoe Coleman

    Zoe Coleman

    Customer Success and Partnerships Manager

    Zoe is a customer advocate and loves becoming a trusted advisor. Outside work, you will find her slowly hiking up the local Vancouver mountains and regretting every second before the top.
  • Aaliyah McLaughlin

    Aaliyah McLaughlin

    Social Media Specialist

    Capturing each moment is as important to Aaliyah as helping customers bring their ideas to life.
  • Kelly Termeer

    Kelly Termeer

    Product Manager

    Kelly and her cats make sure the Dev team delivers the capabilities you are looking for in Xemoto on a timely basis.
  • Shojol Shake

    Shojol Shake

    Front-End Developer

    Shojol’s past experience at Apple comes out in the sleek and innovative user experiences he designs and develops for Xemoto.
  • Rohan Kumar Chada

    Rohan Kumar Chada

    Full-Stack Lead Developer

    Rohan lights up the Xemoto tech and Dev team like he does his campfires.

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