Issuer FAQ

Who should use Xemoto Media?

Xemoto is a purpose-built marketing platform for issuers and IR and PR firms. The platform is ideal for firms looking to expand their capabilities and offer a holistic service beyond traditional tactics.

Should I target retail investors?

Yes! Having an institutional investor base is important, but it gives too much power to a few investors. Having a strong retail investor base offers:

  • Diversification: Individual investors provide diversification and allow you to maintain more control over your business.
  • Liquidity: Having many active investors can add valuable liquidity that makes it more attractive.
  • Early adopters: Early adopters can help spark interest and form an important investor base in a burgeoning sector like cannabis and cryptocurrencies before institutional investors are comfortable or able to invest.
  • Brand advocates: Loyal followers of a company that are more likely to invest in it when given the opportunity.
What is Spectrum by Xemoto Media?

Spectrum by Xemoto Media is an automated solution that can distribute and syndicate corporate news, media coverage or any other content to a network of 185+ investing and trading social media groups, consisting of 31M+ potential retail investors in North America, with a growing global presence.

Retail investors are becoming a more important audience as they abandon traditional brokers. Reaching this audience in a more fragmented investor ecosystem is a challenge. Traditional IR tactics have become less effective on their own, as investors are educating themselves online through publications, financial-focused forums and trusted social media groups.

What is the value of digital marketing?

The value of digital marketing is its reach. The Xemoto Media network has the potential to reach 31 million investors. A larger audience means you can reach a greater number of investors who might be interested in your company.

Digital channels also make it easier to collect strong analytics to measure the performance of your campaigns. Reports on campaign metrics, demographics, reach, and more can help you optimize your campaign and know where to focus your resources.

When can I see my Spectrum by Xemoto Media campaign data?

Within one week of your submission, you will receive an email when your analytics are ready to view.

After you launch a Spectrum campaign, the technology allows a maximum of 48 hours to identify the optimal Finfluencers to distribute your news link.

The analytics for your campaign will be returned within 72 hours after the link has been posted across our Xemoto Finfluencer network. Our research has shown that the majority of engagement on a post online occurs within this timeframe.

The maximum wait time for your results is one week, but you may see data on your campaign as soon as three (3) days after launch. If you have any questions, please contact us anytime at

Which social media channels does Xemoto Media use?

Here at Xemoto Media we have agreements with 185+ trading and investing social media groups and financial forums on channels like Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Not all channels or groups are relevant for each client. We use decades of digital marketing experience to determine which are the most relevant for you to get the most reach for your budget.

Why engage in investor marketing?

Investor behavior is changing. Rather than using Investment Advisors, younger investors are flocking to online brokerages, such as Wealthsimple, Robinhood, E-Trade, etc. and trading themselves. They are forming their trade ideas and doing their research online. As your audience changes, your IR tactics need to change too. Digital investor marketing can complement a traditional IR campaign. Digital investor marketing gets your story in front of this growing audience where they make their decisions–online.

What is Thrive by Xemoto Media?

Thrive by Xemoto Media is a complete lead generation funnel built to attract potential retail investors to a specific investment offering by leveraging multiple programmatic advertising channels, such as display, retargeting, native, search, and third-party investor newsletters.

Book a demo to learn more about Thrive.

Do you provide product support?

Yes! Email us at

When is your support available?

Here at Xemoto Media, our team aims to provide you with high-quality service in a timely manner. On weekdays, our support team is available between 8 am and 8 pm ET. All inquiries will be addressed within one business day of submission.

How do I reach other departments in Xemoto Media?

If you want to reach other departments, such as billing or legal, please reach out to the support team by emailing

What are the system requirements for Xemoto Media?

Here are the system requirements needed to ensure an optimal experience with our Xemoto platform.

Recommended browsers and versions

Use the latest version of your browser and update it as soon as a newer version is available. You can check the current version you are using by going to the Settings menu of the browser and navigate to the About section.

Supported browsers are:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Tip: The Google Chrome browser has proven to be the most stable environment for our Xemoto platform and is highly recommended for an optimal experience.

Proxies, firewalls, and whitelisting

An important factor in the performance of Xemoto Media on your system is whether or not you are accessing the internet through a proxy server, VPN, or firewall.

These setups could potentially hinder traffic and thus impact loading times or cause Xemoto to time out while loading.

In case of performance issues, please check with your IT department whether proxies, VPNs, and firewalls are in place. If so, please ask your IT department to get whitelisted.

It is also required to allow http, https, and websocket traffic to enable full access to all Xemoto features.

Note: Working from home through a company-provided VPN? Please ensure that both your home internet connection, as well as your company’s VPN setup, have whitelisted the above domains. Firewall software can be active both on your local computer as well as on your company’s VPN setup.

How can I optimize the performance of the Xemoto software on my computer?

To optimize your experience, we recommend the following:

Processing speed

Be aware that additional programs, tabs, and browsers use your RAM. When you run other programs, this impacts the performance of all your programs, including the Xemoto Media platform. When you use one or more ‘heavy’ programs (e.g., presentations, photo or video editing software) we recommend having a minimum of 4GB RAM and upwards.

Internet Speed

Because Xemoto Media is a SaaS platform operating in the cloud, the performance is highly dependent on your internet connection. For an optimal experience, we recommend a minimum internet speed of 1Mbps per user.

How do I change my Xemoto Media Password?

There are two ways to change your Xemoto Media password.

If you know your existing password:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Navigate to your “Profile”, which can be found on the left
  3. Scroll down to “Change Password” and input your previous password and your new password
  4. Click “Change Password” to change your password

If you do not know your password:

  1. On the log-in page, click “I forgot my password”
  2. Enter your account’s email and request a password reset
  3. Follow the email’s instructions to create a new password for your account
How do I sign in to the Xemoto platform?

Once you have created your Xemoto Media account, you will receive an email with a confirmation link to make sure we have your correct contact email address. Just click the link to log-in automatically for the first time!

You can also log in anytime here.

How do I purchase a Xemoto Media program?

The Xemoto Media platform contains several program options, each of which are purchased separately. To purchase a program, navigate to the dashboard of the program you’re interested in, and click the “Launch Program” button. After filling out the initial information about your targets and goals, you will be asked to pay for the program before you can launch it.

We offer one-time payments for a full program or monthly payments divided into three (3) months. Please note, if paying by the month, the program deliverables will be divided evenly over a three (3)-month period.

What is the dashboard?

Our all-in-one dashboard allows users to easily add digital strategies to their offering. Run campaigns on behalf of your clients, or your company, to amplify your reach to an untapped investor audience.