Reach the
Retail Investor

Whether you are an Issuer or an Agency, engage with retail investors to support your capital raising efforts.

Xemoto’s all-in-one dashboard allows issuers and agency professionals to easily add digital strategies to their offering. Run campaigns for your company, or on behalf of your clients, to amplify your reach to an untapped investor base.

Influencer Marketing

Gain unprecedented access to influence through untapped online investor communities. Amplify and share content to 25M+ potential investors via Xemoto’s proprietary network of online investing and trading social media groups– where investment decisions are being made.

As defined, retail investors, or individual investors, are non-professional investors that buy and sell securities for their own accounts.

Chatter: Investor
Sentiment Monitoring

Investors are already discussing your company as an investment opportunity across social networks, online publications, and forums around the world.

Do you know what they are saying?

The Chatter digital investor monitoring program helps you monitor and engage in the conversations that are already happening about your company across multiple channels.


of investors

use digital sources to investigate issues.


of investors

are making decisions based on information they have learned online.

of FTSE 100-listed companies

are now using social media for results reporting and have a combined following of more than 37 million people.

Brunswick’s 2019 Digital Investor Survey

Digital Marketing

A complete lead generation funnel built to attract potential investors to a specific investment by leveraging multiple programmatic advertising channels such as display, retargeting, native, search, and third-party investor newsletters.


of retail investors

rely on a mix of reputable sources when constructing trade ideas.

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